‘Waving Goodbye’ Tuesday 5th September

Waving Goodbye

A play by Andrew Shakeshaft
Presented by Tree Shadow Theatre Productions

Dolphin Hotel, Bovey Tracey 5th September 2017 7:30pm

Waving Goodbye; Burkha or jeggings? Twisting fast-paced black comedy.
**** Remote Goat “a production which has much to offer” “Deeply moving”

Views from the Gods “Funny and Moving”
Pick of the Fringe Award Bedfringe 2017

Waving Goodbye is an emotionally charged black comedy which asks fundamental
questions about existence and our relationships with each other.

“All those people who died young; you’ve got their life, you’ve got the chances they
never had and what are you doing with it?”

Tree Shadow Theatre put out a call for new, contemporary scripts that didn’t fight shy of exploring big issues and what it is to be a young woman in today’s world. This two-
hander comedy was the outright winner.

After debuting at the Camden Fringe, Waving Goodbye has been performed in Exeter,
Monmouth, Seaton, Bristol, London and the Bedfringe. Our performances in Exeter this year for the From Devon with Love Festival played to a sold-out audience and Waving Goodbye was awarded Pick of The Fringe by Bedfringe. Tree Shadow Theatre look forward to bringing Waving Goodbye back to home turf in Devon for a special one-off performance in Bovey Tracey.

Directed by Anita Parry (What Would Helen Mirren Do?)
Cast: Lucy Theobald and Louisa Wilde
Playwright: Andrew Shakeshaft
Tickets £6
Running Time 50mins
Email: info@treeshadow.co.uk

“A true masterpiece of theatre” Last Embrace, Broadway Baby *****

“A fascinating examination of the tension between appearance and reality” – How Well You Know Me, Somerset Gazette

“I’m no theatre critic, but what struck me was how the entire audience was completely absorbed by the drama” Audience review

“An inspiring play that deserves a wider audience” Audience review, Hard Like Stone

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While you’re here….

At the moment we’ve just finished our production of ‘Curtain Up!’ by Peter Quilter. We performed the play at ‘The Dolphin’ however here’s some interesting news about another proposed venue in


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2017 Lone Star

DSC_0273 DSC_0253 DSC_0284 DSC_0259 DSC_0275 DSC_0242 DSC_0232 (2) DSC_0256 lone star 1

LONE STAR by James Maclure Is a gritty comedy – set in the back of “Angels Bar”, Texas, late 70s – with a cast of three very colourful characters!

Here is how the author describes them……

Roy (James Harper)

Roy is lean, tough with beginnings of a beer gut. Uneducated, belligerent, his army service has nearly given him a sense of irony. He voted Nixon, likes John Wayne movies and thinks Raquel Welch is a great actress. Love of his life – his 1959 pink Thunderbird convertible.)

Ray (Mark Godwin)

Ray is his younger brother. Slope-shouldered, sloth-like, slowwww. He has no idea what irony is. Wears a John Deere hat. Probably sleeps in it.

Cletis (Mark Albon)

Cletis is a friend of Ray’s. A wide-eyed asshole. His life should have been terminated in high school. He married the first girl he dated that didn’t spit on him. She married him because of his fathers appliance store. He works there. Get’s lost in the stock room. Has a plastic pocket pencil holder. Sleeps with it.

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2016 Allo Allo

It has been a sad week with the announcement of the of death of Gorden Kaye – the original Rene Artois. We still all sit about and have a giggle whenever we discuss last years Player’s production of Allo Allo. They must have had a ball filming the originals and Gorden will be remembered with a smile.

So here are some pictures from our Allo Allo, thanks Bim. Coming soon will be news of our next production, which will be coming up in March and is currently in rehearsal.

Photos courtesy of Bim Photography

Allo-Allo-71 Allo Allo -26 Allo Allo -18 Allo Allo -13
Good Moaning everybiddy
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*** NEW *** Bovey Tracey Players SHOP Launched

Now you can buy lots of lovely Bovey Tracey Players merchandise.  Visit the shop today !!!

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2016 Allo Allo

‘Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once….’  The Bovey Tracey Players are delighted to present the popular wartime comedy ‘Allo ‘Allo, by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft.  This uproarious comedy is based on the hugely successful British television series, and has a special place in British Comedy history. It relates the adventures of a hapless cafe owner, René, in occupied France, his wife, the tone deaf Edith, and two waitresses Yvette and Mimi, who by his own admission he enjoys being nice to!

Hiding stolen paintings for the Germans and British airmen for the resistance add to the confusion and chaos that ensues.  The cast includes all the favourite characters including the austere Herr Flick and his side-kick Helga, Michelle of the Resistance, bungling Sergeant Crabtree, master of disguise Monsieur Leclerc, lady-loving Captain Bertorelli, Lieutenant Gruber and his little tank, the ever youthful Colonel Von Strohm and the new General Von Schmelling, who all the other officers want to impress!

As you see, all the usual suspects and characters are there, but…. Will the long distance duck take off? Will Crabtree ever learn to speak French? Will the British airmen leave René’s café? Will Edith ever sing in tune?

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The 2016 Players Treasure Hunt – a very pleasant afternoon

The Treasure Hunt took place on a sunny afternoon in Newton Abbot on Sunday 11th September. Anna and Andrew provided a good mix of relatively straightforward clues, together with some more obscure ones. The 11 teams that took part enjoyed the challenge, followed by a pleasant meal at The Dolphin Hotel in the evening. This year’s winners were Lisa and Mark, closely followed by Ann  and Nigel. Lisa and Mark now have the privilege of setting the clues for next year’s Treasure Hunt.

The committee would like to thanks Anna and Andrew (and not forgetting Sparky the dog!) for setting the hunt and keeping us on our toes with some fiendishly simple looking but very tricky clues – well I say they were tricky because I got them wrong!

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2016 Departure

Departure Play Lustleigh Village Hall

Stranded in an airport lounge during the inevitable delay of a holiday flight to Spain, Rosemary – “I’m a one-parent family, you see” – and her carbon-copy, not-very-bright daughter, Mandy, draw the reluctant Dennis and Shelia Tippit into a conversation. Sheila has suggested a holiday to try to right her ailing marriage; Rosemary is looking for a husband for Mandy.

The comic tone of the play shifts continually between Rosemary’s malapropisms and Dennis’ grimly humorous bigotry with the close of the play finding Rosemary unmoved by the chaos she has caused and Dennis near to a nervous breakdown!

A very popular comedy, still frequently performed today, in which the humour masks deep seated problems. A play about communication skills in which a very optimistic mother and daughter meet a very pessimistic man and his depressed wife.

Based on the author’s experiences of being stuck at Gatwick airport in the eighties.

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2015 Teechers

Teechers pic

Its Back to School! – Teechers at The Dolphin 15th – 17th October 2015

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Teechers Trailer Video

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